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1 more pound to win!

The last 2 days I haven’t used my morning time to post for one reason…the diet bet. When I last left you I was trying to master cleanse and failing cheating. I had 2 lbs left to lose and 2 days left to do it. Well just in case you were wondering


That’s right! I succeeded and it wasn’t by successfully completeing the master cleanse because that was a total bust! Everyday that I tried (about 3 days total) I was able to go until about 3PM drinking just the lemonade. After that I gave WAY in to my cravings and spent the rest of the evening eating junk food. According to my fitbit I consumed the same amount of calories on days that I tried to do the cleanse and the days that I just try to eat healthy.
So, after 27 days of struggle, I woke up on weigh in day and stepped on my scale. I was short of my goal weight for the challenge by 1 last pound. Some people would give up at this point. There is no way I am losing the money I put into this though. So here is what I did to lose that final pound and put myself under my goal weight. First, I took a pamprin. Yes I mean the PMS medicine.  Essentially is help get rid of water weight. Then I did not eat or drink anything (not even water) until after I weighed in. I also got all bundled up so that I would sweat out the water. I only had to do this for about 3 hours before my scale measured where I needed it to. I was ridiculously thirsty and slightly uncomfortable from the heat. I feel those are pretty mild side effects though. Once I was exactly to my goal weight I started the final weigh in process. I was halfway through submitting my photos for review when something strange happened. I stepped on the scale to take my final weigh in photo and suddenly I was .2lbs heavier than I had been just 2 minutes before! I still haven’t figured out how that was possible. I stepped off and then on again, still too heavy. I wiggled the scale around and placed it back on the floor then stepped back on, still .2 over. I decided it was time to take drastic action. I pulled off my shirt first, then my fitbit, then my rings. The scale did not budge! But I was already halfway through my official weigh in, I had to submit that final picture of my feet standing on that scale. I thought of the only peices of clothing I had left on. I had to leave my leggings on or else they wouldn’t show up in the picture. My underwear weren’t going to make a difference. My last option was to remove my bra. As I liberated my chest from the ridiculous contraption I took a deep breath and stepped on the scale. Would you believe that booger dropped down over half a pound! I snapped the shot of my feet and sent it out for review. Minutes later I received my email saying I was a winner! I will let you know what my final winnings are once they are posted but I’m sure it wont be more than a few dollars over my original bet of $30. Dietbet won’t make you rich. However, they do an awesome job of keeping people like me accountable. I lost 2x as much weight this month VS months when I try to do it all myself. And, now that I have successfully completed my goal I get to reward myself!!!! So, I decided (it was no contest) to spend my winnings on my Julep subscription this month! If your not familiar with Julep let me educate you. They are an amazing women led company that sells veagan 5-free nail polishes as well as killer beauty products. With my Maven subscription ($25 a month) each month I get to customize my box of beauty. When you sign up you take a style quiz and it puts you in 1 of 4 categories(I got bombshell). Your box is automatically set up to include 2 full size polishes and a beauty product. You have a window each month where you can change your colors or swap out products.You can also upgrade you box with specially priced add ons or skip the box completely (quite handy if you lose your money on a dietbet). They also offer 20%  off for mavens and free shipping. I have subscribed for about 3 months now and I can’t get enough of it! If you want to try them out you can’t go wrong by getting your first box free! Just click HERE and pay the $2.99 shipping and you will receive 3 polishes and a beauty product in your first box. Call to cancel after that if you don’t love it….. You will though!  Ok, I’m going shopping now (online of course).