Back in Action

Sorry for being away for so long. The struggles of life tend to weigh me down at times and I find it hard to continue to write during these times. I want to get back into a routine of writing at least weekly for you.
Ok, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way it’s time for some exciting content!
I don’t know how you all do birthdays for your kids on the spectrum. But I do know that it can be a challenging affair since a lot of kids on the spectrum have a hard time making friends and may even have a hard time with all of the chaos that comes along with having a party. For this reason, many ASD kids don’t get the same appreciation that other typical kids would have on their birthdays. Recently I found a Facebook page called Project A Birthday To Remember. If you want to find it just search the name on Facebook. Once you like the page you see posts from them on your timeline. This page gives you names, pictures, and info for kids on the spectrum so that you can send them birthday cards or presents. I sent a couple of cheap gifts directly from Amazon recently and can I just say that it made me feel so joyful to be able to give directly to a child on the spectrum. They will never know who I am or even be able to thank me but I know they will get something they like ( and we know how hard it is to find things out ASD kids will like) for their birthday and can know that someone out there is wishing them a happy birthday. I highly encourage you to join the page and send a birthday card at least. It’s good for the soul!
Sorry so short today, I’m just getting warmed back up! As always comments and shares are greatly appreciated.

Intro into our family

I’m new at this…..please don’t judge me.

Good Sunday morning y’all ! It’s time to get up and get moving! Today on my house there will be lots of chaos! Sundays are special days in my house because they are the only day of the week when my whole family has the entire day off together. My kids are all home from school which makes my youngest son Joey go crazy! He loves playing with his big brothers. They sure of know how to make a terrible mess though! My oldest son David loves to get into things he’s not supposed to. I get wonderful reports from school about how much of a joy he is for the teacher…. This does not transition to his at home behavior. I guess everyone has to have a little bit of time to be mischievous. He is the instigator of trouble. My middle son Tommy is severely Autistic . He doesn’t interact much with my other 2 boys but he still does his fair share of messing! I feel like I need to throw that in just so you can understand the household dynamics. Joey, follows his oldest brother around constantly when they are together . They are like two peas in a pod! Yesterday I cleaned up the same pile of race cars 3 time before my husband came home from work and yet when he walked through the door that night, they were still scattered all over the floor along with about a million action figures and some cracker crumbs. Today, my husband is off work all day. He will probably be spending most of his day in the lower level of our house working on putting in a new bathroom . He is not a sit still and do nothing kind of guy. When he is home he wants to see me working as hard as he does. That’s hard to do. When Alex (that’s his name, thought you might want to know) starts working on something he works hard until he is finished. Today he will be downstairs trying to get as much done on the bathroom as possible. We have family coming into town in about a week and this bathroom is supposed to be for them. We are definitely in a time crunch. I will be spending most of the day trying to keep my kiddos from going downstairs and getting in the way. That’s not going to be easy because they know daddy is the fun one and he will be down there. Also, grandpa will probably be coming over to help. How much more of a draw can you get ?!?! I will be engaged in panic mode all day. Did I mention we have family ( in-laws) coming in about a week and my house constantly looks like a disaster zone? I will be spending the majority of the week preparing my house for their arrival. However, the kids and I are going to Louisiana this weekend to visit family and will be back only the day before the arrival of our company. It’s going to be a busy busy week followed by an even busier week of hosting family, preparing to host Thanksgiving for the first time, and preparing to throw my youngest his 3 year old birthday party! This is also the last 4 days of the diet bet I started last month. In case your not familiar, dietbet is a website where you bet your money with other players and try to lose a certain percentage of your body weight within a certain amount of time. If you lose your goal you get to split the winnings with all of the winners. If you don’t lose the weight, you lose your bet. I placed a $30 bet to see if I can lose 4% of my body weight in 4 weeks. My final weigh in is on the 19-20th and I still have about 3lbs to go! This seems impossible to do but I am going try to master cleanse for the rest of the time to see if I can drop those last few lbs. If you want to see how I’m well I’m doing at juggling it all stay tuned! I will try to update daily.