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Losing weight sucks!!!!!

Happy Monday morning! I noticed yesterday that I have earned my first 2 followers!!!!! Yay! Thanks so much y’all. I am glad what I have to say is worth reading.
  Ok, quick update from yesterday, i cleaned 80% of the day and my house now looks about 25% better than it did. 😳 I was starting to get discouraged yesterday afternoon when I looked around and saw that my house actually looked worse than when I started. Then, as if it was sent as a meesage for me, the song “Do Everything” by Steven Curtis Chapman came on the radio. For those of you who may not be familiar with this song, here is a link (Do Everything). The lyrics start of by describing a mom that does basically the same things I do “picking up socks, sweeping up lost cheerios that got away” it goes on to say “I know you wonder sometimes does it matter at all? Let me remind you it all matters just as long as you do everything you do to the glory of the one who made you.” Well let me just go ahead and tell you, God uses my connection to music to speak to me. Not like crazy I can hear God’s voice speak to me. But I do believe he puts messages out there for us. He knew I needed encouragement and there it was! I was able to finish what I was doing and if I can keep my kids out of there all day I might even be able to keep my bedroom clean. There’s no hope for the kitchen though I’m afraid. With all of these kids about to get up and get ready for school it will once again be trashed before 9AM even rolls around.  Oh well, that’s the life of an at home mom. I work all day and it looks like I did nothing.
   Speaking of working all day though…..You would think being on my feet cleaning all day would add up to some major calorie burn right? WRONG! I didn’t even hit my 10k a day step goal on my fitbit. Also frustrating, I told you yesterday I was going to master cleanse for the next 3 days in hopes of losing these last 3lbs by Wednesday so I can win my dietbet. Well I was killing it until dinner time. My husband decided to bring home KFC though. How many times a day can you tell yourself “no you can’t have that” before you give in? I swear, being addicted to food is like having someone wave a bag of cocaine in your face all day everyday. It’s SO hard to say no! I generally walk during the week on a walking trail for about 3 miles a day as my main form of excersize. For the last week or so it had been super cold and rainy and there is no way I am taking my kiddos out in that kind of weather just to sit in a stroller for 45 minutes. So, I haven’t been burning the necessary calories. I cleaned almost all day yesterday and only ate real food once and according to my fitbit (and the scale) I still didn’t burn enough calories to lose any weight :evil:😤👿! So, now I have 3 days if you count today and my weigh in day to lose about 3lbs. It is in fact still freezing outside but if it doesnt rain I am still going to strap the baby (he’s almost 3) in the stroller and hit the road! Im working on training to jog a 5k with the iphone couch25k app and hopefully i can complete a workout today. Well wish me luck!! If you have any advice on how I might be able to drop those stubborn lbs in the next few day please leave me a comment and remember today God has given you a message too through reading this blog post….”It ALL matters just as long as you do everything you do to the glory of the one who made you!” Watch the video and get this song stuck in your head too. You won’t regret it!


2 thoughts on “Losing weight sucks!!!!!

  1. Shannon says:

    Casey, I applaud you! Myself, being a mom of 4 and only 1 in school, go to work, come home help cook, help the one in school get her homework done, help clean, get the kids all baths, deal with the 2 yr old who is still being tested for autism and doesn’t like baths or using the potty or pretty much anything. I understand sometimes we just need signs that can only come from God himself!


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